Jun 20, 2020

These Days!

Life's become so unrecognizable
mine and yours
and of the neighbor's who lives next door
and the one who lives at the far end of the street,
and countless others whom I don't know!

Waking up each morning
holding a strand of hope,
wishing for courage and peace
to get by this day, with grace and life
and without fear of the next day!

Living each day with memories
of people close to your heart,
head dug deep in piles of endless work 
but heart yearning to break free and to
relish the warmth that once used to exist!

Mind often finds itself in muddles,
dilemmas and dark thoughts,
juggling between the strong and the 
weak side of inner self
chanting the mantra of the hour 'hang on'!

Amidst of the mind and the heart 
tricks and the dreams to pursue,
I stand up for one more day with gratitude
ready to sing, write and dance a little
and rinse & repeat!


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