Sep 17, 2009


We only live once and therefore ought to live it fully.

My mind is running after so many things (well, it is a different thing whether I am running or not)-cooking, presenting, poetry, blogging, dancing, being social & friendly, being prompt and punctual, being a good mother, being a good self, learning language, being a good housekeeper, being an early riser....

I don't know how many of the above things I will accomplish but at least I think I am on the right track of not losing hope (after being at home for almost a year now & getting frustated often)and keeping the struggle going to achieve something substantial in my life. And be 'something'

My fingers are crossed tightly!

White, Green, Black!

It has been raining for last 2 days and full night too. I have been witnsessing such relentless rainfall after quite some years. In Holland it didn't rain such heavily.

I was waiting for the Sun to come and spread it's golden rays and lit up the mountains overlooking our house. It looks enchanting and serene at the same time. Today morning when I woke up I went to the balcony to see what's the weather. I can see the droplets of rainfall on the iron-gate for our house, the water can be felt on the grass that sort of blackened due to excess water, the rainfall also had it's influence on the leaves and they still contained the remains....but the most astonishing and beautiful was the mountains. They looked so green, fresh green. And I saw something that I saw never before. The light Sun lit up the mountains, and the clouds were so close to them that the Sun casted their shadows on the mountains. It was so beautiful, I never saw the shadows of clouds on mountains. Ah...white clouds, green mountains and the black is one of the amazing wonders of nature that I have ever seen.