Jan 29, 2014

Happy New Year!

Before the feeling of New Year goes away with passing of January, let me share what I wrote with true heart, on the birth of this year.

आओ लिखे हम-तुम
कुछ नयी बातें
आओ रचें हम-तुम
कुछ नयी यादें।

बीते सालों पर आओ करे पर्दा
देखे सूरज जो उग रहा
गुनगुनी धुप में आओ बैठे हम तुम
देखे ख्वाब एक नया सा।

जो बीत गए है लम्हें
फिसल गए जो हाथों से पलछिन
आओ भूल चले उन्हें हम-तुम
बनाये लक्ष्य एक नया सा। 

जीवन चलते समय- सा
कुछ समेटता-सा कुछ पीछे छूटता-सा
आओ छोड़ चले वो बातें
बनाये जीवन एक नया सा।

बहुत हुआ मेरा-तेरा
जीवन में करे कुछ नेक सा
आओ कर्मभूमि-से इस जग में
बनाये मोक्ष कुछ नया सा
एक नयी उमंग, नए हौसले सा।

New years are always a new beginning to me. To continue walking towards the goals in a new determined state, with fresher enthusiasm is what it always means to me. Let's dust the old times, cherish the learnings from them and move on with focus, with devotion and with energy. Wishing all of you a great 2014.

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Jan 20, 2014

The dampening hope!

Musician in the Rain by Robert Doisneau 

the rain drops make music,
I stand still
for I no longer play!

Itched in the memories
the night I played last,
the night she deserted me!
How cruel,
I do not forget the symphony
the music our hearts made together!

But today,
I stand alone with my music dormant
A desperate hope dampening
each passing day-
'll she return?
'll she be my music again?
till then
I listen the drops dancing on the umbrella!

This poem is written for the prompt "Musician in the rain" by Magpie Tales.

Jan 15, 2014


"the rustle of the fall
sounding through those tiny feet
laughter crackling each time a leaf chips,
left me wondering...
...is it really fall?
because, my spring just arrived!"

This short poem is written for Write Tribe's Wednesday prompt (the photo above). I named it Joy because that's what this picture reminded me of. My daughter loves crackling dry leaves, and their rustling sound makes her gleam! That's my joy when her smiles and laughter brings spring in the season of fall (autumn)! 

Jan 14, 2014


poetry shaifali gupta india

In the cacophony of the world
In the thick piles of work
In the mundane chores of everyday
In the bustle of the crowd
In the bargain of the compromises
In the race of time, I just take a second!
...I peep inside and,
I find you as my "nirvana".

Jan 1, 2014

2013 Delhi International Film Festival: NRI Poetry Section

One of my poems "पगली" portraying my belief in Shri Krishna, featured in NRI poets section in Delhi International Film Festival.

हाइकु संग्रह: आधी आबादी का आकाश (जनवरी २०१४)

हाइकु संग्रह: आधी आबादी का आकाश 
जनवरी २०१४