May 28, 2014


Awake in the middle of the night
she rubs her eyes incessantly
goes back to hide under the covers
sleep is often an escape route!

Bright Sun burns her eyes
often she runs indoor
the world's quite a playground
defeat her kin too often!

Searching the pages of life
hope to stumble upon an alphabet
resonates which with peace
often though well aware it do not exist!

Outside the window stands tall palms
often she sighs an alas, cries a moan
despair that no tree for enlightenment
grows in her own backyard!

The spaghetti lines on the hands
she often sees changing
rays of hope births 'may be'
a day she will find her 'Zen'!

The image used in this poem is clicked by me. The words are from one of my all time favorite books "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran. Here he speaks about Pain.

May 21, 2014


ये कैसी प्यास है 
जितनी बुझती उतनी उठती 
ये कैसे पल है 
जितने आते उतने बीतते 
ये कैसा बंधन है 
ना छूटे में ना बंधे में 
जीवन और तुम-में 
नदी के पाट-सा रिश्ता 
और मैं खड़ी इस पाट 
एक अनवरत हूक के साथ!

Image Courtesy: Google Images