Dec 30, 2011

'कहा पाऊ तुम्हे'?

Dreams always come true when we break the comforts of our sleep and wake up. My poem in-line with this thought-

कभी कभी
जब हद से गुजर जाये
यह बेचैनी,
सोचती हू समेट लू
तुम्हे अपने आगोश मे
लेकिन कहा पाऊ तुम्हे!

इन हवाओं
इन साँसों
इन खुश्बूयों
में तो तुम हो
मगर फिर भी नहीं,
ऐसे ही पलों में
पूछू खुदसे
पूछू तुमसे
कहा पाऊ तुम्हे!

किताबो, शब्दों, हर कागज
की स्याही पर तो तुम हो
मगर कैसे पाऊ तुम्हे.
जब तुम्हारी कमी रुलाने लगे,
तब पूछू हरदम
इन हवायों से-
क्या समेट कर इन किताबो को,
क्या ढालने पर शब्दों को
कागजो पर
पा जाउंगी मै तुम्हे?
हर दम तो दिल नहीं मानता,
कब तक भागू परछाईयों के पीछे?
जानती हू
परछाईयों के पीछे भागकर
ख्वाईशे नहीं मिला करती...
पूछती हू उस  'ईश्वर'  से यह सवाल
'कहा पाऊ तुम्हे'?

Dec 8, 2011


Life is short to see dreams and even shorter to fulfill them. Why do we spend time just thinking about dreams...why dont we act as fast as we dream! Why do we sleep faster than we take time to wake up! Why do we see problems before we see opportunities!

Life is a celebration of being born...of being something. Madness is the answer to live it. Dreams, sometimes to me are like butterflies...colorful , vibrant but very quick in disappearing. Like butterflies, they come and they fly away before I can hold them dear. I guess, I am not good in catching butterflies and keeping them in jars. Hey there, don't take it literally :-)

Reaching a friend and a very dear & one of my favourite blogger, on her Facebook wall, I saw that she loves Paulo Coelho. Then, from one link to another, then to yet another...I found this image. I immediately knew it is the signal from HIM to wake me up from my deep sleep. The image instantly filled me once again with the enthusiasm and love for living the life, the right way. I think its once again (like many other times), the time to make a bucket list and start actually ticking the items soon, very soon before it gets late and me left behind with dreams in the bucket with no energy to bring them out and see them vibrant, colorful and full of life like butterflies.

When I am writing, actually when I dream...I see one person in my eyes, in my mind, in my heart and possibly in my soul- my husband*. He believes in me more than I do myself and I have never seen him sulking down when it comes to his dreams. Sometimes, his enthusiasm, his energy, his passion, his madness for his hobbies and dreams bugs me up...his energy terrifies me! I think, because I lack it. But when I think (and not feel), I see he is the best example for me to live life. Its not many days, we talked about our life (our new life, in USA from France) and the possibilities to live it fully and richly. I hope, this image in this post keep me on my toes for coming many days and weeks. I hope to create a momentum and roll myself up with energies that lead me on the path to my dreams. I wish, all my readers the same energy and sanity to dream and follow their dreams. Amen!

In the end, there's something meant for him*...(the rhyme, the similies, the meter does not matter) but just what comes out of the heart!

Holding hands,
Entwined dreams,
One life we are
Marriage as it is called.

You make me smile
like no one else does.
You think of me
like your own soul.
You dream for me
like I even don't.

Someday, hope very soon
We would stand out
as an energy unit
radiant, vibrant
full of life
& everything
that makes this togetherness a celebration!

Dec 7, 2011

Everything fades away....

सूरज की सुनहरी रौशनी  
चाँद की पवित्र चांदनी
तारो की श्वेत झिलमिल 
सब है मन-मोहिनी जब इशारा करे 'वो'.

चाय के प्याले की गर्माहट
साथ में रखी किताब की खुशबू
मेज पर बिछे सुन्दर फूलों वाला मेजपोश
सब है मिट जाना जब इशारा करे 'वो'.

आज में मन का सुकून
कल में करवट लेती बेचेनी  
मीलो लम्बी चलती जिंदगी
सब है बदल जाना जब इशारा करे 'वो'.

सपने देखे जो बीते कल में
सपने जो जी लिए आज में
सपने जो भरे कल के लिए इन आँखों में
सब हो जाने है पूरे जब इशारा करे 'वो'.

Life is so unpredictable! This is not a statement that is reflecting any positive or negative state of my mind but just a few little experiences here and there. God reigns our lives as much as we reign it ourselves. He is the writer of our destinies and leaves it to us to accomplish them ourselves. He makes us see and admire the beauty of the golden Sun, He makes us enjoy the warmth of beautiful words in a book, the company of a friend, a beloved...but its all on us to make these all worthwhile and ourselves a better person. True, He is the giver but it is equally big responsibility to be the right takers. Eventually everything in this world fades away, so just work in the direction His fingers point and live life His way!

(Penned on 2nd October 2011).