Sep 26, 2011


सूखे पत्ते सा मन
आरज़ू में तुम्हारी
एक छोटे से झोके
पर भी मचल जाये.
नादाँ है यह
समझता है,
शाख से गिरकर
पा जायेगा तुम्हे,
नहीं जानता-
शाख से गिरकर
भी कोई ऊपर उठा है कभी!

Sep 20, 2011

My name!

You can't speak to me
in broken sentences,
incomplete words!

You take my name
and you stop...
you can't kill me
like this
for I know not
what lies beyond my
when you call 'it',
for I know surely
what is left behind
when you call 'it'.

My name!
is it all what you

Memories hover
Lips curl in a smile
Eyes shine in bliss
this was a time
'once upon a time'
now what is left
is a 'name'
called and halted at
before emotions flow & ruin
everything preserved!

Sep 17, 2011


What am I doing?
I question myself
my words!

Trying to write this-that!
Trying to write about-
flowers beautiful as love,
fragrant fragrance of love!
Trying to capture scenes
of happiness,
of bliss!
Trying to weave passion
 & stories full of longings!

Trying to write all this
I feel
where is the contentment,
the pure joy I feel after
penning these down?
What am I doing?
What am I doing of my words...?
Faking them!!!!

And at this very moment...
I stop all this,
I stop all the efforts
of penning castles,
I just write your name,
& I immediately know
it's not fake!

Sep 14, 2011


It starts with you-
my morning,
Golden Sun rays falling on my face
Fresh warmth filling my being
& your love
wrapping my heart!

It ends with you-
my evening,
Dark Sun all around
Deep blue sky laughing on me
& your memories
welling up tears!

Life, indeed is funny!
Love, too cruel!

Sep 12, 2011

I am...!

I am mad, I am sane!
I am blind, I am dream!
I am silence, I am sound!
I am rational, I am irrational!
I am blue, I am red!
I am smile, I am tears!
I am mind, I am soul!
I am you, I am me
I am LOVE.

Sep 9, 2011

A sin...

It's a sin to love sometimes....

I fly in the clouds
and 'think about you,
I tip-toe on the sands of beach
and 'think about you,
And I realize...
It's a sin to love sometimes!

The world's full of dreams-
Happiness, joy, success
materials & fame
what else left to wish for,
I think of the limitations
of human dreams
and 'think about you,
And I realize...
It's a sin to love sometimes!

Life's not a flower
neither a game of saying-
'loves me or loves me not'
while somebody separates
petals from a flower
and 'think about you
And I realize...
It's a sin to love sometimes!

Love's not the sands of
the beach
that's washed away even
with tiny ripples or great tides,
love's not the clouds floating
high up in the sky
that keeps coming & going
with the science of evaporation...
and 'think about you
And I realize...
It's a sin to love sometimes!

Thanks to a lovely friend to inspire me to write this! Thanks 'Twitter' :)