Dec 7, 2011

Everything fades away....

सूरज की सुनहरी रौशनी  
चाँद की पवित्र चांदनी
तारो की श्वेत झिलमिल 
सब है मन-मोहिनी जब इशारा करे 'वो'.

चाय के प्याले की गर्माहट
साथ में रखी किताब की खुशबू
मेज पर बिछे सुन्दर फूलों वाला मेजपोश
सब है मिट जाना जब इशारा करे 'वो'.

आज में मन का सुकून
कल में करवट लेती बेचेनी  
मीलो लम्बी चलती जिंदगी
सब है बदल जाना जब इशारा करे 'वो'.

सपने देखे जो बीते कल में
सपने जो जी लिए आज में
सपने जो भरे कल के लिए इन आँखों में
सब हो जाने है पूरे जब इशारा करे 'वो'.

Life is so unpredictable! This is not a statement that is reflecting any positive or negative state of my mind but just a few little experiences here and there. God reigns our lives as much as we reign it ourselves. He is the writer of our destinies and leaves it to us to accomplish them ourselves. He makes us see and admire the beauty of the golden Sun, He makes us enjoy the warmth of beautiful words in a book, the company of a friend, a beloved...but its all on us to make these all worthwhile and ourselves a better person. True, He is the giver but it is equally big responsibility to be the right takers. Eventually everything in this world fades away, so just work in the direction His fingers point and live life His way!

(Penned on 2nd October 2011).


  1. very true... life is very unpredictable.. v can never control the change.. it is bound to happen.. v hv heard it many times " time aacha ho yaa bura , change hota hi hai... " So, v need to trust him and just move on.. Things will become better.. :))

  2. oh this is so shaiyarana...something like the ham-radeef ghazal.
    And i am beginning to is because of the blessings of The One that we attain what we seek or is it The One in us prodding us to seek what we ought to attain...the ultimate peace devoid of restlessness and anxiety.
    Also kabhi kabhi hum UNKA ishara bhi nazarandaaz kar dete hain...hain na bolo?
    lovely words and i wish i was a musician of some sort who could sing this poetry of urs as how Jagjit jee sang Ahista! Aahista...
    Cheers to you as i look forward to more:)

  3. bahut sundar khayall shaifali ji...aapke vicharon men ek taazgi milti hai..achha laga padhkar..
    aur haan...
    meri blog aapki nirantar upastithi bahut protsahan deti hai..kripya sneh banayen rakhen..

  4. सपने देखे जो बीते कल में
    सपने जो जी लिए आज में
    सपने जो भरे कल के लिए इन आँखों में
    सब हो जाने है पूरे जब इशारा करे 'वो'.