Feb 26, 2009

I love you betu....

This is about and for my lil girl who just turned one. She is an angel for me. She is my cutie pie. She is adorable and each of her actions is just lovable.

She has started eating things with her hand (ofcourse she spills more than she is able to eat), and I can spend hours watching how her lil teeth cut the bytes. She also wants to put some bytes in my mouth and oh, my God that is so so cute. I just love her.

Today I took her to show ducks and feed them some bread. I parked her pram a little far from the bridge under which there are many ducks and even sea gulls like birds. I took a bread out of the bag of the pram and my lil one saw it. Then we went on the bridge and threw some bread in the water, quickly many ducks came swimming fast, even flying snatching the bread from one another. When the bread finished, my lil one pointed to the pram, like she was saying, "hey mamma, take one more bread out of that"! and I was so much in wonder that she remembered that I took the bread out of the bag.....I was all in smiles and love for her.


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  2. hey tatsv gr8... my dauty is also betu

  3. I call my son Betu... and perhaps thats why I read this post of yours. I totally understand your feelings and I can imagine your expressions too! With every moment, I feel that I know my little one better and with every action of his, I am left wondering there is so much more to learn about him!! Kids come with so much thoughtfulness, so much compassion and love, away from all the negativity that life forces them to experience.They are so pure, so natural... I believe they understand the world much better than we do... I am sure the world will be a better place if we borrow some sweetness from them...

  4. she is very sweet betu ......... every time i remembered somu ..... & little avni in front of my eyes ........ she is our angle ... ...! .we all love her ... :)
    we all miss her a lot ..!

  5. very nice lines sir i just adore ur inspiration !!! ^_^