Jan 6, 2016

Love, I Ran After...

Charing Cross Road, 1937 by Wolfgang Suschitzky

Is it all we had?
Affection, love, joy
Where is it now we that shared?

Eyes as big as yours
Remember, I wanted to drown in
Dive in the love I called 'first',
Talks as sweet as yours
Intoxicated I was at every syllable
I wonder it was the love-nectar.

We held hands often
Clenched each other's emotions
Stole a touch, here & there
Hallucinating was the love
I, hypnotized to a world
Completely different, completely new.

Today, It's as if I woke up
The world once again, completely new,
A world devoid of you,
Unbearable, unfathomable
Excruciating desperateness 
A pain so dark, inside me .

Yet, I wonder
What goes inside you
Your eyes notice any of it!
Or, was I just a ripple in the rain
in a world grey and black
Was I the one running blindly
on a road slippery!
Whatever it was,
"It" stays in my heart
Imprinted on my soul
To go away with my ashes....

P.S.: Penned for the image prompt provided by Magpie tales, Mag 300


  1. Last line says it all. Whatever is there or was there is embedded in our souls. We move on in daily chores, in life, but feelings stay. They don't surface, but they are always there. Last three lines took my breath away. Good to see you back, girls must be keeping you busy all this while.

    1. Thanks Saru. Brings a big smile on my face reading this comment. Some people just get it in an instant what your words mean :))))
      Yes, the girls are keeping me super busy. Days and nights are crazy and overwhelming mixed with joy :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by Ankita. :)

  3. That is hiw it should be ..love goes with ashes..

    A lovely poem..

  4. That is hiw it should be ..love goes with ashes..

    A lovely poem..