May 12, 2009

Absolute joy!

Ya, ya, I am again writing about my angel, my daughter. As I already wrote in one of my posts, it is amazing to see a child grow. To be precise, to see a baby grow :-)

My angel is a storehouse of energy. She is always so so active, can't believe it! She is never interested in getting her tummy full and her little head is always thinking of some mischief or is getting curious about something.

When I see her taking little steps, I remember how she used to kick :-)....we were so curious to go to the ultrasounds. We were curious to see her growing and figuring out her nose, her elbows, her hands, her feet...Oh my God, we were so curious.

Back home in India, everybody says that may be when I was expecting I was also very active and not taking enough rest, and that's why my angel is also ever playful n energetic...funny!!! Sometimes I think does these things matter...

Anyways, it is really bliss to have a child and see it grow, learning one small thing everyday, making you love it more n more each second.

It's an absolute joy to have you, my angel. God bless you always :-)

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