Oct 7, 2010

Heart, head, life, science....beautiful it is!

Life is beautiful
seems like flowers raining on me
with their fragrance, with all their beauty.
I hear music all around me
just like it's playing only for me...
Life is beautiful.

Coming out from the life in house has unexpected impact on me. I used to think I dont want to connect to people, it is wrong. Like any other person in this world, I need a choice. When I do not have enough choice I am shut, my mind and my heart are in their own world.

Working again has a different effect, I am learning about myself. I like to talk to people, know about them but I have my own perceptions (like I think everybody else)....and I like to know about people gradually. I want to connect to them on my pace. It is strange....it is a process. Life is science or science is life !!!!!!

Everything takes time.....I need time before I rush to make friends, understand the environment. I also relate this to loss of innocence. Some years ago, I must say 10 long years ago (oh..I sound old....well, i think I dont look that old...), I would be all smiling and charming when I met somebody new. I didnt analyse, just flew with the flow.....and now the flow has many ifs and buts, many eyes and many ears.....loss of innocence.....life is this. But it is beautiful.

I also find it difficult to decide.....follow my heart or head. If I like something or hate something, I think twice. Whether it is my perception or my heart is wearing glasses! Why is it not so simple just to trust somebody or something and go with the flow....why you have to struggle withing your own thoughts. Why my head says, 'no, no don't believe this/that, it may be wrong dear. It may be a perception'. Why my heart wants to jump out and capture the innocence letting out of my head....Why is life not that simple now!!!!????

N'importe, life is beautiful and I am enjoying it. God bless and touchwood... :-)


  1. Man creates his own confusion just because he goes on rejecting himself, condemning himself, not accepting himself. Then a chain of confusion, inner chaos and misery is created. Follow the heart for own's happiness... rest of all will betaken care :)

  2. Very True!!! Its very difficult to decide what to do? My heart says go back to India but my Head says something else. They are just confusing me. Its very dififcult to decide as I am lost in my own decision. God please Help!!!