Jul 25, 2011

क्या हो तुम?

क्या हो तुम
मेरी शुरू होती जिंदगी
या चलती आयी जिंदगी का एक अंत.

क्या हो तुम
गर्मियों में डाल पर सजता गुलमोहर
या झड़ते हुए बसंत की हरियाली.

क्या हो तुम
इन आँखों का ख्वाब
या इस जीवन की सच्चाई.

क्या हो तुम
रौशनी से सराबोर एक आरजू
या अँधेरे में डूबती हुई एक लौ.

क्या हो तुम
इन शब्दों की खूबसूरती
या इनमे बहता हुआ दर्द.

सच बहुत मुश्किल है यह जान पाना,
क्या हो तुम
मेरी आवाज
या मेरी ख़ामोशी.

This poem signifies that every aspect of our lives has two sides. It is our perspective and our wisdom which one we want to see, to accept and to follow. Through this poem, I want to convey to myself and to everyone who reads it, life is all about being positive and always seeing the good things which leads to joy and inner peace. There may, well there are moments which pull all of us down some day or the other, and when at these moments, we think, "no, I can't get up", just then it is our responsibility to our life to get up again and keep trying till we reach the positive aspect of that situation, of that particular hardship. Never is an event in life that is meant to go waste. We learn a lot and we grow a lot.

I love the words of Collin Turner, in his book- "Shooting the monkey":
Everywhere we go, we meet ourselves!

Whatever we do in our lives, how we behave, how we conduct ourselves as friends, how we love...all points to us as a person. Each situation, each being in our life is a reflection of our own self. I love this fact that when I love somebody, when I am friends with somebody, I am knowing myself more. In this process I am discovering myself, my goodness and my bad things....that's the beauty of this human life we never stop learning, we never stop being better :-) .....


  1. Beautiful thoughts...gr8 words.

  2. The poem is beautiful. The explanation makes it desirable. Amazing work!

  3. :) as usual ...strong and touching... something snapped inside my heart..... there is a purity in your words which tugs my heart and soul....

  4. @Shivani...Thanks. I am glad you are enjoying poetry. Keep reading...many more to come :)

    @Saru...nice to see a new visitor. I thought the explanation would show my perspective, well my feelings behind the words. Thanks for the appreciation and keep coming back.

    @Sushmita...oh my God..I hope I didnt make you cry :) ...I am touched with your comment, its true. This poem is my personal favourite bcos its very close to my heart and very real...and I think therefore it looks pure. Anything coming straight out of heart without any restraints will touch the heart. Do take care and keep coming back. I hope my poems will make you smile too :)