May 18, 2012


Some thoughts often traversed my mind but the words filled my pen when I read a dear blogger friend's post about soul and body-

Thanks Saru to let my words free. Confused/weird/agendaless I may seem here but I think the truth felt by me is what I have expressed in these words. 

The heat scorching & burning
the skin,
deep within burns the flesh
full of desire!
Ostentatious it is
the material world,
still each second the blood seeps
more of it!

Was it a touch I craved for,
was it a moment I longed for,
was it a medal I ran for,
everything stays
life moves on,
and null moves on with me...
still we run behind a mirage!

Can words be full of
deep faith,
or is it the soul that's
the true aim?
mirror everywhere shows
what the eyes of mind weave,
so easily falling prey
overlooking how humane it is!

The deep eyes, the beautiful voice
the clasped hands, the lovely embrace
the promises, the held desire
the planning mind, the toiling hands
is it all what I have?
is it what I am?
or its the soulmate,
or the soul-
the one that lives
deep within the cores of heart
far from the reach of the mind
where no desire stems
where no flesh burns
where no longings scream
where no mirrors create mirage
where HE reigns!


  1. I don't think it is confusing at all. There is a place in us which is pure, untouched by this murkier world. We run, we toil, we constantly fight for solace; little knowing that it is within us, safe in that little corner. And this poem has layers of all those feelings which many of us feel at one time or other in our lives.

    Love the paragraph from everything moves mirage...

    So happy to read such a soulful poem.

  2. कोई अगर ये कह दे
    कि हमारे मध्य समय ने उत्पन्न की है दूरी ............
    तो मैं यह मान सकती नहीं
    मेरा ख्याल ,तुम्हारे पास
    और तुम्हारा ख्याल मेरे पास
    जिस पल पहुँच जाता है
    समय तो वहीँ रुक जाता है
    तो दूरी कब ?दूरी कैसी ? दूरी कहाँ ?
    कोई अगर यह कह दे
    कि तुम्हारी मेरी दूरी
    समय की नहीं वरन स्थानों की है दूरी..................
    तुम रहते हो दूर वहाँ
    और मैं रहती हूँ दूर यहाँ
    पर, मैं और तुम तो आ जाते हैं पास
    जिस क्षण कर लें एक दूसरे को याद
    तो दूरी कब? दूरी कैसी? दूरी कहाँ?
    कोई अगर यह कह दे
    कि स्थान की नहीं वरन अलग व्यक्तित्व होने से दूरी है................
    पर, यह तो संभव ही नहीं है
    तुम मेरी अस्मिता का ही रूप हो
    और मैं तुम्हारी पहचान हूँ
    तो दूरी कब? दूरी कैसी?दूरी कहाँ?
    कोई अगर यह कह दे
    कि तुम और मैं अलग व्यक्तित्व नहीं वरन भिन्न आत्मा होने से दूर हैं................
    पर यह तो संभव ही नहीं है
    आत्माएं भले भिन्न हों पर परमात्मा तो एक है
    और इसीलिए शायद ,
    तुम्ही नज़र आते हो मुझे हर ओर
    तो दूरी कब? दूरी कैसी? दूरी कहाँ?
    ये दूरी: मेरी-तुम्हारी
    एक भ्रम है
    जो "हमें "
    "मैं" और "तुम" में बांटती है
    वरना "ऐक्य" है मुझमें -तुममें
    "हम" के रूप में
    "परम ब्रहम" के स्वरुप में .

  3. That is a deep poem, thick with existential questions. And that is the ultimate truth. The miasma of yearning and the cacophony of being are insubstantial blips compared to the tranquil calm of the deepest recesses of your heart. But can you hear that silence? That is the the sum total of the souls.

  4. aweseom!! lovely!! beautiful!!! how sufiana....

  5. Him or it could be Her...
    Sure Someone Some could be what is the Soul that is above all.
    nainam chindanti shastrani nainam dahati pavakah
    na cainam kledayanty apo na sosayati marutah
    Thanks for sharing yet another soulful one to remind me yet again
    "Weapon cannot harm the soul, fire cannot burn it, water cannot wet the soul and the wind cannot make it dry".
    Thanx for this instant at least that through ur composition i am able to spend some reflective moments on what we know as Shri Bhagwada Geeta Saar.
    Nahin toh iss jeevan kee aapa dhaapi mein hum yun heen uljhe rehte hain. Not once remembering that "Sab thath para reh jayega jab laad chale ga BANJARA..."