Feb 28, 2013


साँझ की बेला से 
गोधूली के संगीत तक,

धरती के खिंचाव से 
आकाश की विशालता तक,

दूब की नरमाहट से 
पतझड़ की सर-सराहट तक,

जीवन की भटकन से 
मोक्ष की आस तक,

बस तुम ही हो मेरे पास 
मेरे 'कान्हा'
जो थामा है हाथ मेरा
जो संबल दिया कदमों को 
जो शक्ति भरी आत्मा में 
बने रहना मेरे 'सारथी'
उस एकल 'होने' के क्षण से 
उस एकल अंतिम 'विदा' तक!

Today, my morning started with the song 'Hamko man ki shakti dena, mann vijay kare'. It filled me with bhakti once again for my dearest God, my belief- Lord Krishna. He for me (like lot of others) is the epitome of love, on which is based this world. Be it love felt for our parents, our partner, our friends, our kids, or our goals...I see him with me in every of my action. This poem is dedicated to him, asking him to bestow upon me his 'companionship' from the moment I arrived in his creation, till my last breath. 


  1. Hey Beautiful! thanks for stopping by and leading me here. Bringing me to Kanha...Kisna...Parthsarthy.
    Let this be my song too not only today but for all days to come.
    :) :) :)