Mar 6, 2013

"being alive"

Burdened with the 
sins of the past,
the endless times
I looked down upon myself,
the countless doors
which I shut,
the numerous occasions
I pitied the spirits...
...all come alive
screaming at me!

The dark sins,
the failing times,
the shut doors,
the bereft occasions
today become my kin...
...Holding my soul
they lead me to the aura
the future beholds,
they soothe the pain
of nihilism,
they show the golden
Sun of shimmering hope.

they become the skin
of my heart
burning a fire within
fueling the inner churning 
out of which will rise
the celebration
the glory
the essence of "being alive".


  1. aren't you gifted!!? my god!! and i love the positivity in the burning pain.........lovely!!! stay blessed!

  2. Very very nice poem! Very well written or shall I say expressed!!!

  3. Stop regreting about your past.Everything happened in the past for gud.All the pain being expressed in every word.Very touching poem.....keep up ur excellent work

  4. It's comforting and quite amazing too. I seem to be thinking on the same lines about the fire within and about life being beautiful and here u r. i do feel just the same...returning home after feeling lost. Nature having the same refrains as the heart i have known but it is comforting to know that u r not alone and u do have something to look forward too. Like having frnds who will definitely have time to hear u out and probably tell u that they are wallowing in the same troubled waters. Loved the the positivity.