Oct 25, 2011


the silence you live into
the love you once fell for
the anger that seeps within you
the anguish your body feels 
the helplessness you see for yourself
the hope of yours that goes dim
the smile that's become a bargain
the tears that come like a high tide...
 ...Break it all,
life is too short for all this!

Get up,
Smile from within,
One day each day is 'yesterday'
& every day will be 'tomorrow'.
Do not sulk,
Have faith,
say a prayer,
light a lamp,
bow your head,
& love HIM again n forever...
 ...and you will be free, my heart n mind.

This poem is inspired by my recently strengthened faith in HIM, the Almighty. Life is too short and far more important than tears and thoughts spent on the very basic nature of life n people. I am happy in this festive season of Diwali, I have seen my light. Now, my head is stronger with the faith in HIM and my heart is filled with joy that he hears my prayers if they are good :-)

I wish all my readers & my friends a very happy Diwali and I hope that your life too will always be guided by HIM.


  1. Loved the second paragraph...BTW, I love the description you give. I always read it first. I want to write like you but don't want to be a copy cat...LOL...

  2. you said it all Shaifali.Have faith in him and he shall surely raise you to great heights!
    stay blessed

  3. very nicely written ...........love sec. para . & of course description is too good to read ......... just giving you smile with love . :)

  4. loved the poetry!!! excellent!! too good!! beautifully expressed...

  5. nicely written ..ShaifalI ji

    first time enter ur blog