Nov 17, 2013

"KRUNG THEP", My Dream Asian Destination!

I often close my eyes and dream about being in a new land. A place which I haven't explored ever before, stories heard, pictures seen and admired, articles read, all this tempt me more to soak into the new dream destination. I always carry a little notebook as I am writer and a globe trotter. Having lived in three continents and 4 countries till now, I am a explorer. I love traveling and I am in constant search for dream destinations every now n then. Being an Indian, I always wanted to explore more destinations in Asia, and Krung Thep is on top of my list. 

Krung Thep, oh! I forgot to mention which place is this-

Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Yuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Phiman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit

Oh! Am I still not clear. We popularly know it as BANGKOK and it is the world's greatest city according to the Travel + Leisure magazine (Check out their website and survey for worldsbest 2013 cities), and also it has this long name which I can't read and spell! Yes, Bangkok is on the top of my list of my Asian dream destination, and I am glad Air Asia has great fares to fulfill my dream to soak in Bangkok. 

Well, I think there should not arise any questions for my choice. After all, who does not know what Bangkok is famous for beautiful temples, monks, street food (I am a foodie from India), shopping, world-class acrobatic stunts, night-life, pretty girls, massages etc. Want to know more, follow me on a virtual Bangkok tour (this is all what I have planned to do and visit while in Krung Thep):

The temples-
Bangkok is a city of temples, around 400 wats (temples) can be found. Most of the temples are decorated with glass, pottery and yellow metal- the gold. We can't visit all the 400, but the highly recommended and popular ones are Wat Pwra Kaew (temple of Emerald Buddha). This temple has mural paintings depicting 178 scenes from Ramayana. This is what fascinates me about this temple. It's like a temple away from home for me. The next popular must-see temple is Wat Pho which is the temple of Reclining Buddha. This temple has 1000 Buddha images. Wow! What is more impressive is the fact that this temple houses the first Thai Massage School. Visitors if have time, can learn it at the Traditional Practitioners Association Center. I am sure, it would be a once-in-lifetime experience to learn Thai message in open air. Doesn't it reminds us of 'Gurukuls'. Next temple to be surely not missed is the Wat Arun. The temple of Dawn (as the name suggests, in Hindi Arun means the Sun). This temple has a distinctive shape, quite different than other Wats. I am sure, this is going to be my favorite temple.

The monks-
Monks in Bangkok live in the temples. If you wake up early in the morning and look around any temple, you can find monks in saffron robes on the streets. Thais believe in a life of giving for a merrier luck. Monks go house to house for their daily food and other necessities. How touching would be that scene for me, I can just imagine. I have always dreamt of talking to a monk and understanding who they are. So, the Thai temples also offer me this pleasure to be near one of my dreams. 

The street food-
A foodie from India knows that the most delicious food can be found on the corners of the street, by road side. Bangkok, my favorite Asian dream destination is famous for street food. What more can I wish for!  The delicious fact is that this street food is available 24 hours a day. of course, when in Bangkok, the hunger doesn't see the clock! It can be a non-veggie's delight. One can relinquish Duck soup, pig brain soup and other local delicacies in its full taste and feel. Go for it, if you can just swallow the fact what you are going to enjoy! For a veggie eater like me, the look of the dishes would do enough. I want to see people eating that stuff! How cool!

The shopping-
No one can ever make a place touristic without offering great shopping experience. I am sure, it won't see many female tourists then. Bangkok is a shopping paradise, especially the Chatuchak. It is Thailand's largest market and world's largest weekend market. You can shop from its 15,000 stalls in 5-acres maize of aisles and buy anything from pottery/furniture/statues/antiques/film posters/ art etc. I am a girl and this sounds super fun! 

The night life-
How different would be this experience to be out at night and you know there is no darkness to be found! Bangkok has a power-plugged night life, with big neon glow hoardings and sign boards. Bars offering dances/drinks/etc. I am sure, it would be awesome to be roaming in those streets boasting fun and pleasure. 

The massages-
Thai massages are famous all around the world. Their speciality is that they focus on pressure points. Rhythmic patterns of applying pressure at different points give a great feeling of relaxation and energy. It is based on Ayurvedic principles. How nice it would be to return from a vacation where you had fun, food and massage!

My Bangkok trip is planned to have all these ingredients so that it tastes ultra-yummy. I am an avid traveller and explorer by nature. I am so eager to be in this very different land of glorious history, awe-inspiring temples, gold stupas, monks, massages, colorful night life, Pad Thai, elephant rides, amazing street food, shopping-larger-than-life! I am just a step away to be in Bangkok and thanks to Air Asia to provide the World's Best Online Travel Fair. I don't have to worry about high prices for my flight. I can spend that extra money in Bangkok's largest weekend market! (Of course, I am a girl, I need to shop to be alive! )

Through Air Asia, I can fly to Bangkok from Kolkata/Chennai, I can do hassle-free web check-in and also I can book my hotels & the entire trip just from this one site. Cool! I can save hours and utilize my saved time to better plan my trip and just dream and sing and may be in the mean time, learn a few phrases in Siamese to be able to interact with locals. Yep, isn't travel all about this and when you have a help like Air Asia, won't it be awesome!

Ok, I am leaving to plan this trip. Stay tuned for the pictures!

PS: This post is written for Women's Web and My Asian Dream Destination contest organized by Air Asia & Ripple Links. All images taken from my favorite Search Engine, Google!


  1. Thanks Sush! I virtually went on a Bangkok tour ;)

  2. Ah, the food, spa and shopping! What else we want? Beautiful narration.

    1. Thanks Saru! Bangkok indeed looks a fun place. I wrote all that I would like to do there :) Fingers crossed, may be in near future!

  3. Hope that you visit Bangkok soon. Lovely post. Try visiting places that are not so famous. Thailand has the best nature can offer.