Jun 15, 2015

Losing you!

It was so easy…
to lose you amidst
everything else,
I wonder everything else’s
so mundane
still it was easy to lose you!

Life’s not same
after I lost you,
I often yearn,
look back, reminiscence
bathe in your fragrance
feel your joy
and I wonder
still I lost you!

Hope’s a charm
I wear around my soul,
I hold it tight
I hold it close
‘cos I can’t lose it
...I often jingle
the music of this charm
with each note appears
moments, memories
with each note comes a syllable
and in each syllable, I know
it will be your breath…
I will know
that’s the day
I will find you again
that’s the day
I will write again!

It's quite sometime, I penned a poem that sings my heart. It's difficult, very painful to see poetry or words slipping by my pen. This poem is dedicated to that loss, and talks about a hope that I will find my lost poetry someday, in the same fervor.
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