Jul 21, 2017

Time, O time!

Time, O time!
I wonder where you live,
yesterday you were a past tense,
may be in future I will have
you in my hands
because your present tense
seems to slip like sand on a seashore.

I question what did I do to you
did I made you proud with all I am
or disfigured your preciousness.

Often I peep inside
and think hard what did I do with you.
Many a Sun took birth
only to end with dark nights,
they promised time on hand
like nurture in a mother's bosom
where did you elope
whom did you choose
'cos I stand empty handed
with regrets in my heart
and brine in corners of my eyes.

Do you know
I wanted to choose you to marry.
Shattered are the dreams to make a home
adorned with a fulfilling meal 
of happiness topped with contentment
of love living between entwined fingers
and bodies wrapped in satin,
you disappointed me
or may be I left you hopeless,
'cos I look for you each moment
only to, not find you on my bed
or smiling at my breakfast nook.

Time, O time
I promise to be a good gal
like ages ago,
come hold my hand
pat my shoulder
swirl me in the air,
I will laugh and toil
rise to fame and life
like the phoenix, never to vanish,
Time, O time
only if you be mine!

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