Aug 10, 2010

A small coming back...

Its almost a month I am not active on my blog. It was Project 365...somehow I dropped it. I became busy/, the most was the writer's block I faced each day while I sat to write. I realized by this attempt of Project 365 that I am not a forced writer. I am impulsive and emotional. My words are my anchor when my ship starts shaking in the trubulence of life. I am not someone who can think and write. I always feel and write. But I am so hooked to writing at the same time that the thought and action of leaving my Project 365 gives me a guilt that I started something and I didn't complete it. Moreover, writing gave me joy and confidence. The day 1 when I started and now has made me a different person. My blog is my friend who always exists to listen to me and make me think about myself. It is difficult to be away from it. But at the same time, I can not and do not want to kill my spontaniety. In this spontaneousness nature lies my creativity. I am coming back with this small post...I am not sure if I will write everyday but I am here. My words will keep flowing on the blog and drench me with satisfaction and confidence. :-)


  1. "In this spontaneousness nature lies my creativity " ; You know the truth behind creativity and still wanna persist with rule. Any creative work will not be bounded by any rule. Creative works are momentary and full of energy giving ! Write as per your wish Shaifali madam..

  2. u know what...blogs are ways of expressing oneself and i feel it is best when it comes this one of urs.
    This was cool.U shall know when the urge is strongest and u don't even have to try.Words will start falling like rain...non-stop.
    Take it easy and stay put.:)

  3. Hi Shaifali, Hope you are fine and doing well. You might just be taken by surprise by finding a comment to one of your 3 Year old blog post. Well I stumbled upon your blog accidentally and was pretty impressed by your simple yet engrossing posts. I myself has started blogging just recently and your first blog did appeared as an 'aks' (reflection) of why did I started to blog.

    Heartfelt appreciation to your Project 365, though a bit disappointed to see it ceasing in between. Just a small suggestion, do revive the Project. You have already done a accomplished considerable portion of it. Would love to see you reviving it :)

    God Bless.

    Regards / Manish

  4. Hey Manish, thanks to you for commenting on a three-year old post.

    Yes, I didn't finish Project 365 as planned. But I came back to my words (that was the whole point) and I have never looked back. I realized that I am spontaneous writer/poet. I can write when I strongly feel. I can't pick a topic and sit down to write. Poetry/Writing was always my expression, due to a few changes in life I stopped penning down my thoughts and then started Project 365. I am back to my life again...keep reading my poems and I will look forward to your comment on the recent posts.

    Good luck for your endeavor!