Jul 15, 2010

Day 82: Spiritual reality

I have yet to start my spiritual journey. Before I begin, I need to understand what it is. What is spiritualism? What are its goal for mankind? What goals it has for me?

I am so curious about all these words are so common, seems like people are running after them to get peace of mind and happiness in their lives. Are these words really magical? Is the process behind them so fruitful? My mind is so intrigued by words like vipsyana, reiki, Art of Living, RajYoga. Some 10 years ago I did basic course of Reiki and Art of Living. I think then I was too young to understand them. I must say life was full of enthusiasm, ambitions and passions for ambitions. Therefore, these words were not what I was looking for. May be when I go through the meaning of these words today, they will be more important and understandable to me. Life is still full of ambitions but the weight of responsibilites (to oneself and to others) put a person's vigour down. I want to read extensively about these processes and also do them practically. I think I will come back with more posts about them after reading about them.

Today I saw a DVD about Spiritual reality(given to me by my mom. This is the 3rd copy she has given me in these years as somehow I always kept losing them).  The DVD is the best I have seen till now on this topic. I liked the serenity and peacefulness in it. It is all animated and not some man/woman guru kind of person performing and delivering their lectures. Well, I am not against them. I often listen to many of them. But somehow, I liked and got hooked to the DVD because of its serenity. The DVD talks about cosmic energy, how we need more and more of it to solve our problems and how it helps us attain peace and happiness in out day to day grindings. It talks about meditation, thr right way to do it, the third eye, the listening to the usually unheard and unobvious sounds etc. It is all so temoting for me to dive deep into this process and see for myself if I can see the constant light before my eyes and my mind is all peace (devoid of any thoughts?). I understand it does not come with one session of meditation, but may need numerous (which I can not quantify now), I am curious and want to start with it as soon as possible. Tomorrow is my first day to start the meditation. I am definitely going to write about it tomorrow.

I want to understand these various processes which I mentyioned above and see why people are running after them. Sometimes I wonder do people who claim to have attained peace and seen the 'light' have really experienced it? Is there something actually called as spiritual reality exists? I want to know and experience it so much. If you have experienced it and know anything about it, don't hesitate to share through comments.

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  1. When i do anything with my whole heart i feel spiritual.That time my mind is totally free from malice,envy,fear and i feel free.For me that's being spiritual...having conversations with yourself and knowing oneself is being spiritual.
    But of course that's my point of view and deary i am no Guru.
    Let's see what more points you get.