Jan 12, 2011

Seek is the verb!

Life is all about 'seeking'. Seek, a verb means to find.

In our lives we are always running/walking/thinking to seek something. It can be a goal, success, happiness, money, fame etc. What is life sans seeking?

Yes, in every new relationship or the old we look for seeking. May be the company of a certain friend gives me comfort, from some other friend I seek peace or the satisfaction to share myself or speak my mind out. And may be somewhere we seek love! It is all about seeking, the verb is omnipresent.

I was just thinking today, is there any life form that exists without this verb? Is life all about this. Saints and spiritual people talk about renounciation of material comforts and thoughts, but are not they also seeking something. It is a process, this worldly affairs. When we try to seek something, expectations come into picture. Where expectations arrive, will sorrow be far behind....!

Coming back more on this, very soon!


  1. Yes, we seek something. Quite a correct word you have used here. Our whole life is just a wait for something that will change our life for good. With the fear of death and this not coming 'seek', we wander aimlessly...