Mar 23, 2011

a checkpoint...for my 'Seek'!

Its a long time I have come to my own blog...I have only one post this year and that was in January. Life is getting hectic and sometimes complicated to find time to write & solve the complication too! Funny it is.....

Last post I wrote about 'Seek'...its a verb and its a noun. It is a constant action taking place/that has taken place/will take place in future. It is a noun because it is often abstract. I seek but I don't know what! In fact, I have forgotten this post and today I had only thing in my mind...'meaning'. After so many days, I really felt the urge to find the meaning of my life. By this I mean my current actions. I need to find something substantial in what I am doing. I need to see a pattern that my life's actions are weaving. 

Life is running at a relentless pace. Day to night, night to another day...its going on. Is it what I call 'Seek' for me? Am I really seeking? I think it is the time I check for myself and in my bucket list, if I am moving forward with my dreams/aspirations or in simple words, is it making me a happier person at the end of each day and at the start of each new day!

Life for me does not need a plan but it needs a few big pieces like in a puzzle and I should have a fair idea what the puzzle must look like at the end!

Yes, I need to check and guard what I am seeking Vs. what I want to seek....

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  1. hope you find the insight soon... we all go thru this ..... trust me... and the answer comes suddenly .....take care