Jun 17, 2011


Stuck somewhere it is
I feel
I sense
but I know not, what it is!

Stuck in my head
in my memories
in my heart
in my soul
I know
but I know not, what it is!

Stuck in my words
dying to come out and
spread on paper
and on my soul,
Stuck in my throat
like a name
like some feelings
so strong I know
but I know not, how weak it makes me!

yes I know
but I know not, what!
is it you
that leaves me
or is it you
that still comes along!
Stuck...in my pen
my words, why dont u speak
so that I know what I know not!


  1. stuck.. no words to express how gud this is...

  2. Thanks all for the appreciation. It is very motivating.

  3. Such a beautiful poem... depth of many things....

  4. By the end of the poem you left me in no doubt of being stuck, just like that feeling....