Mar 6, 2012


The blaze of the Sun
scorching my naked eyes
& my mind wanders far away
as I wait on the bus-stop!

My mind wandering 
but my heart fixed,
to an image, on a thought
that's laiden only of you.

The more my heart beats
the greater goes the intensity
the desire to bloom in your garden
& feel blissed!

The more my eyes stop on you,
the more my heart stares you
it skips a beat with a touch
that's passionate & so much You!

Would it be wrong to say,
to express
to disclose in my words
how much I crave for,
how much I desire
that 'imprint'!

It does not leave us anywhere...LOVE! It follows our thoughts. I penned these words yesterday as I was waiting for a bus in hot Sun. But a thought was my shade, soothing and so my own.
*Image from the movie series Twilight, one of my most favorites love story.


  1. You thought it at a bus stop...I always feel the best of works comes at most unexpected places. Once I wrote a poem in the shower on a cell phone.

    A beautiful poem and I loved the way you ended it!

    Imprint is indeed a great title...

  2. शैफाली जी, अंग्रेजी में अपना हाथ थोडा तंग है..लेकिन जितना समझ आया वो मन को छू गया..बहुत सुन्दर..

  3. oof!! you are gifted!!! plain much depth.... imprinted on my mind now!! lovely!!

  4. The lasting image that you carried under a blazing sun murmurs a tale of a doting heart.

  5. Brilliant thoughts generally come at the most unlikely places, Shafali:)
    Saru, too thinks that way, I just read her comment!