Sep 24, 2014


Burning there day & night
Filled in every breath I take,
still it eludes me!

Lines on my hand scream
Screeching sounds all I hear
no music no notes no harmony
still it eludes me!

Heart pounding each single day
shouting fighting with it 
is my own friend, my brain
still it eludes me!

Passionate longing it stays
touch of a romantic it seems like
drinking within me, in my every pore
still it eludes me!

Words phrases combinations
praising defying like HIM
poetry of mine it gives birth to
still it eludes me!

Order chaos rules warnings
Showing boards red and yellow
defining my each entry & exit
still it eludes me!

Fate destiny, I refer to it sometimes as
so enigmatic, so puzzling
so my own residing within me
still it eludes me!

Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher and poet said, "You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star". The chaos is the order that brings dreams to reality. With a bit of turbulence, this poem refers to this fire inside me which burns me, keeps me alive and still eludes me, keeping me far far away from what I dream to achieve. Life, a series of challenges and mine at present is to retain this fire and keep my chaos to bring life to order.  


  1. Beautiful composition.I loved the representation expression.....Shaifali ji

  2. "Passionate longing it stays..."
    Just feels like reading over and over!
    As for the entire poem - very vivid and amazing metaphors! :)

  3. You have quoted from my favourite philosopher and the inner turbulence captured by the poem does justice to those words. Loved this one.

  4. last phrase is superb,, i loved the whole poem..

  5. So well said by Friedrich Nietzsche and demonstrated by you in this beautiful weave!

  6. I think this is a very fine work of literature. The essence is well presented in the poem.