Sep 24, 2014

The Phoenix!

However I try to hide
the more my words scream,
naked and bereft my soul stands
singing to the tunes of cold sorrow,
Waiting for the phoenix to rise
with a new ray of life!

This poem to me represents a new start. I do not know but I am curious is the Phoenix ever lived? Whatever is the myth or the belief the "phoenix" word has always attracted me and I wanted to write something that talks about it. This poem is my answer to that curiosity. A new life and a hope even after difficulties is what is phoenix to me. While searching for a image that best resonates this poem of mine, I came across pictures of the Phoenix rising (as in the poem), new buds and plants coming to life, and the one you see above. This image by Stefano Bonazzi felt perfect for this poem, because it portrays a new life. 

Image Courtesy- Google, Stefano Bonazzi

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