Mar 26, 2014

A bug's life!

The world do not belong to the weak,
the weak are hidden
crawling deep within the mud
like they do not exist!

The world speaks of the strong
the courageous and the brave,
just like these words sum up 
the quality "success"!

Short is a life of a bug
no one aware of the breaths taken
no one will ever know the time of thy death
such is the way of the world!

The Moon all shining white
poets maddened on its sight
tell me, who writes about the countless stars
shining in the same sky!

Take up a stand
raise a voice
challenge the living
if you love the word "winning"
if you choose to be the LIFE!

Image Courtesy: Google Images


  1. Thanks Sush! Yes, some of the intense feelings brought out these words.