Apr 1, 2014

My wandering...

Shaifali Gupta Poetry

Let me wander today,

all alone,

in the green fields,

blooming flowers,

smelling lavanders,

humming a tune.

Let me wander today,

not aimlessly

but mind full of thoughts

reflecting direction of life,

guiding me each step

one by one

to that one goal

I am looking for.

Let me wander today,

away from all the obligations,

from all routine chores,

free to do something new

just on my own

all alone.

Let me wander today,

to search for a reason

for my existence

for my thoughts,

and for my battle

with myself

and this world.

Yes, let me wander today

all alone

and when I come back,

there is a smile on my face

hope in my heart

and a fire in my mind!!!

Image: Fire in the sky!
(A picture I took at Sunset at the Huntington Beach, Southern California) 


  1. Beautifully worded and well presented. Enjoyed it. Let me wander too. :-)

    1. Thanks Rekha! Sometimes Wandering is what is needed to come back to life with zest and enthusiasm for our goals. Happy wandering! :-)

  2. right on my heart shaif thanks for such wonderful poem:)as always this 1 is a piece of art to be relished

    1. Ranjeet, :-)

      Welcome back. I know you are wandering and I am sure you will land up great.