Dec 23, 2015


It wasn't wrapped up
in the glittery hues 
of the season...
but it's sparkle
blinded our eyes forever!

It didn't come
in a big box, we 
curious to open...
but it's size 
enough to take all the room in our hearts!

It didn't make
music like the clock of the cuckoo
brown and bright...
but it's coos and cries
were the loveliest sonatas we ever heard!

Our 'presents' from heaven
wrapped with rainbow smiles
warm hugs and melodious giggles
is here,
making life joyous
every season
making life hopeful 
every breath.

* I knew I wanted to write about my daughters when I read "Presents" as the prompt at Theme Thursday. Daughters fill hearts with the joy and peace of every season, life long and forever. They are God's invaluable presents like nothing else. 


  1. Your daughters are truly precious gifts, your family is blessed in so many ways! Beautiful poem, my friend!

  2. Thanks a lot Michelle for taking the effort to write the comment. Made my day. :-)