Sep 14, 2011


It starts with you-
my morning,
Golden Sun rays falling on my face
Fresh warmth filling my being
& your love
wrapping my heart!

It ends with you-
my evening,
Dark Sun all around
Deep blue sky laughing on me
& your memories
welling up tears!

Life, indeed is funny!
Love, too cruel!


  1. I think both, at times its funny and at times love is too cruel. Nice poem..

  2. Thanks Saru to visit the blog and like the poem. Its funny that life shows two faces, sometimes at the same time. Well, I guess that's the very nature of life- CHANGE. which itself is the most constant thing in this world.

    Keep visiting!

  3. lovely shifali .......
    life i s really funny ........ two shade of life is here
    Golden Sun rays falling on my face
    Fresh warmth filling my being
    & your love
    wrapping my heart!............really sweet & lovely . like it . ........ your love wrapping my heart <3.... :)
    keep it .

  4. Thanks a lot Shashi di. I am happy you liked my words. Keep reading and appreciating :)

  5. it has two faces.. and sometimes it brings in us a lot more changes too.. we even discover our new face that was unknown to us...

  6. Shaifali...your poem took me back when i was hopelessly and madly in love with my man.
    It used to be like this...heartaches and pain...all the time...longing all the time.
    Thanks for taking me back to those love drenched years.:)

  7. @Teena, thanks for the visit. I loved it :)

    @Shivani....I am so glad you have reached to the soul of my poem...One word that is most apt here is 'love drenched'. Indeed, love drenched morning and always around irrespective of the beloved being always around!
    I am glad you were able to relive your beautiful past through my words.


  8. @Shashi di....Thanks for liking my words. I am glad :) Keep writing to me and to you! Lots of Love, Shef