Sep 12, 2011

I am...!

I am mad, I am sane!
I am blind, I am dream!
I am silence, I am sound!
I am rational, I am irrational!
I am blue, I am red!
I am smile, I am tears!
I am mind, I am soul!
I am you, I am me
I am LOVE.


  1. awesome... beautiful!!!! you are very good at expressing!!!

  2. Oh this is so love ly.
    What a unique way to express the different hues/tones of love.
    Short and very lovable this latest from you.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sushmita...Thanks a lot. Some of the feelings and thoughts going within and your 'I am the EQUINOX' in some way encouraged me to pen this down :)

  4. Shivani...I hope you can see I don't see LOVE as a sin :)

    I agree, its relatively a short one for me. Thanks to find it lovely. Its my pleasure to share some of my words with bloggers like you who take real time and give real thoughts over them! Keep being with my posts always..

  5. Shaifali sry what i mean that i loved this short and sweet composition.Short is not highlighted here.
    short or long hardly matters to me...the essence should be understood and the felling should be carried and passed which i felt.
    You have very succinctly brought about the various aspects of love. i was actually appreciating that.
    Sure will be with you always whenever i can.:)

  6. very sweet ......... love you .. i am love :)
    i am mad ............. lovely poem

  7. Thanks Shashi di. This poem is one of my favourites and close to my heart. I am happy that you enjoyed reading it.


  8. I am smile, I am tears!
    I am mind, I am soul!
    I am you, I am me .
    I am LOVE.

    I am LOVE heart touching poem really .

    Shaifali Ji बहुत ख़ूबसूरत कविताएं लिखती हैं आप … कुछ पुरानी पोस्ट्स हिंदी कविता ख़ोजने के लिए टटोली …

    आप हिंदी कविता भी लिखती हैं क्या ?
    If 'yes' ... plz , send me links .

    Best Wishes .

  9. @Rajendra Swarnkarji...Thanks for visiting my blog and appreciating my words.
    Mai Hindi aur English poems dono hi likhti hu, jab jaise shabd umad aaye mann mai. Aap meri Hindi kavitaye 'Hindi poem' label se dekh sakte hai. Asha hai aapko pasand aayengi.