Sep 9, 2011

A sin...

It's a sin to love sometimes....

I fly in the clouds
and 'think about you,
I tip-toe on the sands of beach
and 'think about you,
And I realize...
It's a sin to love sometimes!

The world's full of dreams-
Happiness, joy, success
materials & fame
what else left to wish for,
I think of the limitations
of human dreams
and 'think about you,
And I realize...
It's a sin to love sometimes!

Life's not a flower
neither a game of saying-
'loves me or loves me not'
while somebody separates
petals from a flower
and 'think about you
And I realize...
It's a sin to love sometimes!

Love's not the sands of
the beach
that's washed away even
with tiny ripples or great tides,
love's not the clouds floating
high up in the sky
that keeps coming & going
with the science of evaporation...
and 'think about you
And I realize...
It's a sin to love sometimes!

Thanks to a lovely friend to inspire me to write this! Thanks 'Twitter' :)


  1. THanks Shiny... HOw well u framed this.. i was reading n memories were there in my mind.. how words bring out the emotions out of u... just superb...

  2. @Teena.... thanks to u to make me write this! Your emotions were strong enough to bring my words on paper!

    @Neha....nice to see you enjoy my post. Thanks a lot. Keep visiting.

  3. Shaifali For those in love, love apparently feels like a sin if it is not reciprocated.
    For the rest who are not in love or are against it due to various reasons primarily due to jealousy love is a sin for them.
    Love is a sin if it doesn't conform to the society's norms.
    But love is in itself pristine and divine.
    They say love makes you forget even God but i often wonder if love is God or the other way around...God is love then how can one be a sinner?
    i wish i could remember some good poetry to quote some but at the time being this one by Amir Khusro should suffice to convey that long discussion on love.
    ख़ुसरो दरिया प्रेम का, उलटी वा की धार,
    जो उभरा सो डूब गया, जो डूबा सो पार
    Khusro! the river of love has a reverse flow
    He who floats up will drown (will be lost), and he who drowns will get across.
    i'm trying to remember the perfect one which should hum your tune and the moment it brainstorms i shall get back to you once again.
    Meanwhile...have faith and keep loving.

  4. Shivani...thanks to give so much thought to my poem. You made me happy :)

    Love in itself is never a sin but its the presence of many other factors which makes this pristine, so divine feeling feel like a sin. Its never exaggerated if we equate love to God. Love comes in so many forms, all deriving themselves from the Almighty. It can never be a sin in itself, as you said.

    Its fall in love is never falling....rather it is aways rising to a higher purpose in life which is set by God for all human beings, and thus it is never a sin in itself. But life is not easy, and hence love is not away from sin! I apologize, I cant elaborate more..but have faith that I have faith and I do will keep loving. :)

    I will wait for the moment you brainstorm and come back to me with the lines you are missing now. I surely look forward to it. Thanks for your thought.

  5. Shaifali sure will do that you bet but meanwhile i loved what you just said :)