Apr 27, 2010

Day 2: Persistence/Consistency

Day 2 where I have to produce words! Whole day I was thinking do I feel anything strongly today that needs to be penned down. Late in the evening, I realized I didn't have something substantial. But then I thought, I should start with this inability to write something the very 2nd day of my 365 days goal...."long way to go dear!" I said to myself. Also, somewhere in my heart I knew when I sit to write, I would have lots of ideas, so why to try to escape?

Consistency is so much the essence of life. We often talk about consistency in respect of bigger things in life. Don't we realise loving our life partner/family, liking our hobby/passion is also an act where consistency steps in, though subconsciously. Even love is not effortless state of being. It is one sentiment where things can not be taken for granted, just as when pursuing a hobby- say music can not be done without putting your heart n soul into it.

When consistency is so much or should be so much the ingredient of life, why do I try to escape or leave things in between (may be to hold something that becomes more interesting/important)? Persistence is so much at the heart of success, and success so much the necessity of life, then why not? I think with the next sunrise I should try to be a bit more persistent and consistent in my actions and even in my thoughts.

I like these words, so true:
"The most essential factor is persistence-the determination never to allow your energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement that must inevitable come."

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  1. Right said: Consistency/Commitment is a road to success.

    My best wishes in this "Project 360" endeavour!