Apr 26, 2010

Project 365

Recently I happened to see Julie & Julia. The story of two ladies: one is a young lady, passionate about cooking and the other one, a renowned cook and famous personality. The former one starts a project 365 where she tries one recipe each day of the year and hopes she meets the latter at the end of her project when she has improved and made many many recipes of the latter.

This project has inspired me to do something I lost long back on my journey of being a student after marriage, then a mother and for n number of reasons all of which seem trivial and irrelevant if just I had the tenacity to chase my passion-my writing, my words, my poetry.

This project is aimed at myself for finding my passion once again and start living life as I used to live it-creatively, confidently, cheerfully, and above all, BEING MYSELF. This is a promise to myself to be honest and write from heart each day, bringing out all that's store inside and may be caged/shivering to come out.

My Day 1 starts today-26th April 2010, Monday. In French- le 26 Avril, 2010, lundi.

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