Apr 28, 2010

Day 3: The reality of reality shows- Is there any?

From last few weeks I was waiting desperately for one of my favourite shows to begin. It is 'Indian Idol'. I am just hooked to it. I am so mesmerised to see people singing so beautifully, I become happy to see so much talent and therefore, for me this show is a full entertainer. It makes me enjoy music.

Thousands of aspirants gather for the auditions and stay in the Sun & hunger just to get one chance. There are many who are hard to believe. They make such a drama of themselves that I can't just relate if they are speaking/enacting their true self. May be they just want to come on the television or meet the celebrity judges etc. I don't care about these people and simply ignore their drama before it gets to my head and I start disliking this aspect of the show.

I am touched by the lives of many talented young men and women who are there just to prove themselves if given one chance. They reach to the audition centres with a meagre money and have no air about their talent. Actually, in presence of real talent, there is no pretence and proud. The ones who are pretentious surely have something to make up for. I am amazed to see these people and listen their songs. I wait for such people on the show. These people sometimes make my heart heavy but at the same time I become so thankful to the God. Touchwood, I am in good shape and good form wrt health and I have no monetary problems. I get good food to eat everyday and good clothes to choose from. What about those who have to toil hard for all these? What is their journey just for a single day? I really wish such people get more n more chances and make some name & money for their families.

One way I am touched and the other way I am concerned too. These shows are they really 'real'? Momentary name n fame and a few opportunities, is this all it gives to the winner and the contestants? Ok, something is better than nothing and somehwere there should be a start, so it can be argued this is fine. But in the process the innocence of these people is lost. They come for auditions in simple get up and the make over on the show is so tremendous that I feel they have become so unreal. What happens to their minds backstage and background? What is the pressure? Do they become target of various publicity stunts? The few offers/opportunities (like singing in award functions??) don't they act as the bait for the fish?

I don't know what is the reality of these shows. Is the winner always the actual winner or is decided during the process based on the likings and dislikings, whims and fancies of the judges and the other related persons? What about the balance between opportunities and the innocence? I don't know the answers and probably we, the common man can never be able to get the answers or the right answers. So, I think we must sit and enjoy the talent (like I always do and pray for the right person to win and make himself a fulfilling life) and ........'let the music flow'.

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