Apr 30, 2010

Day 5: Poetry- My lost passion

RabindraNath Tagore said "Poetry is the sanctuary where the greatest truths of my life emerge". To me these words and their sounds and their meaning appear as my own. Yes, poetry is something that came to me while I was in 7th standard in school. I realized it was a medium that let me myself. I was not pretentious in these creations. They reflected pure me, away from all lies. If I was bad, it was in my poems. If I was sad or happy, my poems said that. They never pretended to be what I was not.

But as life progresses, I often think do the words mature and they start pretending? Or is it the heart that grows and fills itself with liking, dislikings, judgements and with maturity itself? Sometimes I wonder, is it the lose of innocence that has snatched the words from me? I am still searching for the answers. More than that, I am searching for the words themselves. One of my favourite poetry books is 'Silences' by Gulzar. It is a collection of his poems translated in English by Rina Singh. One of the poems (out of several) that touch my soul is 'the poet'. The poet says to his poetry to come to him and relieve him of the burden on his shoulders. (The burden here ofcourse does not imply the literal meaning). Same holds for me, I am waiting for my words to come to my soul and make me free of all the pretensions that I hold today.

One day....ya, very soon!

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