Jul 9, 2010

Day 76: A break....what?...........Noooooo!

Are there any breaks from routine life? I am not talking about vacations/holidays. They are once in a while, they fill our eyes with nature's beauty, our words with appreciation of this beauty, they give us energy to deal with the hullabaloo of the life....but all this is indeed short-lived because the daily life is longer than the duration of holidays. 

Today morning I woke up with a lot of tiredness. Last two nights were filled with sleepless state, with scattered dreams, scattered thoughts and scattered sleep. I was also tired running (still I don't feel I run enough!) after the kiddie and just dealing with her with patience and peace. I need a break....my mind and my heart and my body said. But soon realized, is it possible? No. Though I live outside India (which for many people mean lots of freedom and state of responsibility-less life), I am not free. Sometimes I feel I should get ill today and receive a lot of pampering...but no, it is absolutely not possible for a mother outside India. Who is going to pamper (the hubby has to go to office, the kid has to be taken care of, no servants, no playschool, no friends as such)? 

Then I realized what would be the situation in India, back home? How often our mothers got break? Does my sis-in-laws have break (because they are still responsible for the elders in the house)? Actually, it is easier here in those terms than back home. But still, back home you have care, you have more encouraging sources etc. At least this is my perception.

I am realizing as we grow up and become at least the receiver of many responsibilites-office, home as wife/husband, daughter-in-law etc. the possibities to get breaks so easily diminshes. It no longer remains in our whims n fancies to get an off from our offices/household chores. Life has to be responsible....well, I think I must accept it permanently that the scenario is not going to change for many years so whenever I need pampering on such days, or when I feel low for doing the regular mundane things of life, all these days I must finish all the relevant and necessary chores with extra vigour and let this finished task give me energy to enjoy the day and feel good about life....


  1. As we grow older in life the chances & the amount of gettin breaks goes down. Wid each yr, wid each relation, wid each work we take up the responsbilities grow.
    Was telling Sbh last week tht i wish to go on a holiday all alone which shudnt b a relative's place for sure. AAhhhh though knowing how meagre is the possibility.

  2. As we grow, we don't express ourselves truly. Life become more andmore monotonous. Try to make everyone happy with also taking care of personal responsibilities. Just speak your heart out and there will be no need of break. But, no. of friends will reduce to bare min. numbers. Enjoy life whenever get chance, years run fast nowdays.

  3. Very true: 'Just speak your heart out and there will be no need of break'. But is it always possible?

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