Jul 11, 2010

Day 78: Dancing...

क्या तुमसे खूबसूरत है कोई?
क्या है कोई जो भरता इतनी शक्ति मेरी नस नस मे?
क्या है कोई जो इतना रिझाता मुझे?
क्या तुमसे कोमल और तुमसा 'नटराज' है कोई?
क्या तुमसे बड़ा सपना है इन आँखों मे भरा कोई ?

This post if for my all-time favourite passion 'dancing'. I dream to be a good dancer one day, well not for others but for my own happiness & satisfaction.  


  1. What happened to your dream???? Where is your passion gone....

  2. :-) It is still there, dormant somewhere.I am sure my dream will come true one day. I think, I am too busy/unplanned to follow my passions. Well, going to change that one day!

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