Oct 11, 2011


दिन डूबते ही दिल भी डूबने लगता है,
दीप जलते ही किसी की यादों की रोशनी सताने लगती है.......

Shri Jagjit Singhji's ghazal- "दिन डूबा तुम याद आये" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rcZ4of1IuA) inspired this poem of mine. I have always been in strong admiration of his ghazals. The pain and love as depicted in his voice is unparallely deep, the one that I have not been able to find & feel in any other ghazal singer's voice. I am sure a lot of fans of JS would agree with me. I don't have the exact number of years with me that I can use and say, yes I have been listening to his ghazals from these many years...it feels like forever from the time I had senses enough to understand, his ghazals were an integral part of my life.

There was a time when we (me & my brother) waited for his new albums. Those were the days of the cassettes...we used to buy JS's albums on our birthdays. I bought a cassette for him on his birthday (just because I wanted to own it), and he used to do the same! JS is no more, he passed away on 10th October, this year, and a lot of people are sad with his demise. For me, this feeling is yet to sink in. I won't ever be able to listen to him 'live' again...is something I feel very bad about. I heard him 'live' on 17th July 1999 when he came to Indore, my home town. I so much wished to listen to him once more, alas! He will always be cherished in hearts of his fans, and his ghazals will always be heard eternally! May he rest in peace forever.

My poem inspired by his this ghazal-

हर आहट पर लगता था
तुम आये हो.

हर खुशबू मे लगता था  
तुम महके हो.

हर झोंके मे लगता था
तुमने छुआ है मुझे.

हर राग मे लगता था
तुमने कुछ कहा है.

हर धड़कन मे लगता था
तुमने ही सांस ली है.



  1. Bahut sundar, I will miss him. I adored his voice, may he rest in peace!

  2. I can feel the pain he must hv gone thru in his last days.. bcoz mom was admitted in same hospital for the same problem.. I thank God to give my mom a new life.. and even wanted same for Lt. Shri Jagjit Singh... But.. MAy his soul rest in peace...

  3. :( i am still roaming around with this thing stuck in my throat..that feeling when you want to cry but you cannot... first it was Steve Jobs ...the man i admired so much...i cried ..and then it was him... we were ready to take our daughter to his concert this time ...... don't know what to say anymore...take care....this loss cannot be filled...we have to live with it ....

  4. Bahut sunder...

    ham kavi bhul na payenge...
    apko jaggu da.

    aj sham se ankho me nami si hi
    aj fir apki kami si hai...