Oct 21, 2011

I miss you!

I miss you...so much. 

Life is going on a roller coaster pace nowadays. Moving from France to United States, is one hectic task. Most of it is done, but the chores and tasks that remain......they too eat up the energy and peace. I miss you so much, my words. There are hundreds of feelings that grow inside every day but I am not just able to gather enough enthusiasm to weave them into something meaningful. 

Also, I am constrained from quite so many days. I am being more thoughtful and doubtful too, before publishing everything that I feel. My words were never like this..I guess its just a phase and soon, I will have the free flow that was the very nature of my writings.

Till then, I think I am on a small break (though I want to break these constraints as soon as possible). But, may be my restlessness will create something that needs to be here, soon, very soon...who knows! For now, I just have this-

In the rhyme of your name
I found my poem!


  1. Which city are you coming to? Nice line in the end:)

  2. @Saru....Right now I am in SunnyVale, California. You are too far, right!

    & Thanks.