Oct 6, 2011

The incomplete!

Thoughts in the mind

Feelings in the heart
my words sat.
They finally drifted away
leaving the pen
& me pained.

Well, surely the words above didn't construct a happy poem. But today it's the truth. In the last one hour, with the heart & mind racing against each other, I wanted to feel unburdened. Therefore, wanted to seek shelter in my poems. I tried to pen different poems on different subjects, everytime thinking may be this would be my vent out. But all words were left incomplete (hence an incomplete me)...leaving me a handful of poems with different emotions. In one of the poems, I tried to understand what is the Almighty to me...a friend or the super-power (may be I wanted to seek his blessings & love today!)....but could not complete it. In an another one, I tried to portray that everything fades away....but my heart could not let go everything, hence another incomplete one!

Its being so difficult today....I think I know why or may be, I don't know why. When one stops oneself, chains & constraints oneself...how come the 'completeness' be born! 

In French- "C'est bizarre", but that's what is me today. May be the Sun shining tomorrow will break the shackles of the darkness within and a beautiful new day would be on its way, just like the fragrance of festivities in the air.

Happy Dusshera to all.

(* The image is 'The Creation of Adam', by Michelangelo.


  1. Hi Shaifali,
    I read the description first and then the poem. I think I understood it better, I appreciated the emotions and could relate to few in it. Even, I think each morning will bring some hope and life with it. Beautiful post...


  2. Sometimes its the incompleteness only tht completes us... tht emptiness inside u , made u to write such lines... and wonderful lines.. how u manage to bring these feelings in words... really superb.. we r like this only.. sometimes v dont understand wht v want.. but tht only allows us to know after sometime tht yeah it was only wht i wanted.. self introspection.. and some time with our own self.. to know us better.. and sometimes to know other ppl better.. :)

  3. @Saru.....Thanks for your visit again. I have got used to having your views on my posts....bad habit I am getting into! :-)

    Good to know you could relate to a few things from my words. As the name signifies, I think its still incomplete and not fully expressed. May be, soon the complete ones with beautiful emotions would follow soon....for now, I am just enjoying my words trying to fight this 'incompleteness'.

  4. @Teena....I love having you here. Your liking for my poems take me back to our beautiful lovely school days when we all were mad for poems/quotations/diaries etc...miss you for all that Teens!

    This is a poem that speaks of 'incompleteness' and my next one is about being 'broken'....seems like I should brush this sadness out and write in Golden Sun :-).....but as you said its time that clears everything. Be here when the Sun is rising on my posts and be ready to draw some golden lines on my words. Love you.