Jun 3, 2010

Day 39: I Love You!

My heart reach out to you
but I can not!
There is a guilt inside me
when I am happy
and you are not!
How can I enjoy and be normal
when you are not!
How can I not cry when
I can't help you?

Have I accepted I can not
do anything for you,
it is your destiny
and I am mostly out of it?
Have I accepted it life's
battles are fought alone
atleast without you having me?
Should I accept I am being selfish
and engrossed in my beautiful
But then, I have my own struggles
why do I weigh them with yours?
Have I accepted I am big and able
to handle come what may in my life
does not hold it true for you?
Should I accept you have to come
out of your struggles on your own,
I can just be here,
may be shed a lil tear
and again be back to where I live
happily, busy with my own
petty struggles?

I know, amidst of all this
words, feelings of selfishness,
my heart reach out to you
and I can only fold my hands n pray,
God give you immense love
and peace at the end of each day!

I love you.

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