Jun 15, 2010

Day 51: Faith

One of the videos sent to me by my husband had made me positive for my driving exam and its preparation. After that, coincidentally I have visted many blogs that write one or the other inspirational stories. I am finding life so beautiful, at least worth giving my best shots in my struggles. My faith on God had been increasing and I believe if I call Him, He will always come and stand beside me. This faith itself has given me so must positivity, it is difficult to express.

Actually, I am realizing it is all about perspective in life. How we view one thing is all it matters to make it good or bad. May be our stuggles are meant to take us high and we don't often realize and try to pull the struggles down by giving up. A positive attitude will definitely bring positive results. Yes, I am going to stay positive and am sure, I will achieve all that I want to achieve.

I am not very religious. Though I would like to burn an incense stick, read some holy book everyday but I am too lazy for all this. But I take the God's name everyday and at least believe in him. The video that I saw has left me spellbound with the message that if I open up to God, he will surely open up to me. And this one statement has filled me with positive energy, vigour and enthusiasm to overtake the struggles and battles of life.

I feel good....today!

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  1. Good to hear that :-) Pass on the video link to me too!