Jun 27, 2010

Day 63: I am in love!

I have realized recently I love him-
the grandness,
the beauty,
the noise,
the calmness
all mesmerizes me….
I am so much in love with him-
the ‘mer’.

I often think,
what it would be to be with him
when the clouds and thunder go hand in hand
and wet me, and my heart…
often I imagine it’s beauty and it’s ghastly silhouette
in rains….
one day I would sit by his side
when it is raining
and it will surely wet me with
his sound, his vigour to reach out to me.
Yes, I am in so much love with him-
the ‘mer’!

In French, the ‘mer’ is the ‘sea’. :-)
What did you think, I was talking about ;-)


  1. I love all your poems a lot:-) Simple use of words, beautiful description... it all starts playing in front of my eyes the moment i start reading.
    I am sure to pick up interest in Poetry with your poems !

  2. Thanks Prags. I am also hopeful I would return to my poetry. It is so mine, so dear to my heart.
    Keep reading n commenting.

  3. Short n Sweet. I love reading short posts. Since how long you have been writing poems and blogging?

  4. Thanks Zainab. I have been blogging since 2008. But only became regular now as I am on a Project 365. Writing one post everyday. It is very difficul to express oneself everyday with the same rigour, passion and quality but still not giving up.

    keep motivating me in this journey by your comments and it would be great if you can join my 'followers'.