Jun 24, 2010

Day 60: Glamour and hard work

My breakfast today was combined with some phone calls from some friends (actually a few ones that I have in France), and only then I realise I am such a talkative person. Otherwise, I am so engrossed in my own world, my responsibilites and duties that I hardly speak to anyone.

With one of my friends, I just started to talk about Indian & French culture and when it is the right time to move back to India before the kids starts getting affected (iske pehle ke unko 'hawa' lag jaye)....then we shifted to TV shows we follow, we talked about Indian Idol, we talked about choreographer, Saroj Khan and her biography....etc etc.

Coming back to Saroj Khan, when I think of her or take/read her name, MADHURI flashes before my eyes. (so, I finished my breakfast watching her dances in 'Devdas'). She is such a beautiful dancer. I wish I could learn danse from her. Dancing is my passion but well I am quite an average dancer. Madhuri is my God .....I just love her, well I am only one of her crores of fans.....(feels bad :-)) )

I was wondering how much hard work these celebrity people have to do. The glamour, the name n fame, the money, the beautiful clothes, accessories, limelight.....they have it all, but it is not attained with a magic stick. It all comes with hard work, connections, sacrifices, routine n disciplined life, self control and immense determination. When I was at Cannes film festival in May this year, I saw the red carpet ceremony....was mesmerized to see so many stars on the red carpet and hundreds of fans cheering and getting mad for one autograph/handshake/close view etc. I thought these stars have toiled hard to be at this red carpet and experience this dazzling crowd of fans, it all does not come overnight. And today, all these came again to my head that hard work indeed pays you in life. It may be late, but surely, it will get paid one day in life. We are not to lose hope and give up, because who knows we are pretty close to winning.

With these thoughts (and ofcourse the energy n happiness from viweing Madhuri's danses), I am determined to win my battles and emerge as a winner....Good luck to me and all those who think same!

*My spellings for dance/danse are as a result of English/French (language that I am learning and practising now, being in France).

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