Jun 23, 2010

Day 59: Marriage

The world is so perfectly devised by the Almighty. For each one, he made somebody. And today, being our 6th marriage anniversary I look back and think we have come a long way and still very long to go too but hand in hand. I look back at the times we travelled to famous/unknown places together, how my cooking skills grew (and how jealous I was of you initially for your great cooking skills), how we shifted to our first house (that heap of clothes all over the room), how every movie you showed/recommended to me was at the end my favourite too, how you never watched 'Devdas' (SRK one) with me, how we both enjoyed  (and felt it is not our liking) our first pub visit. I also look back at our various fun moments, angry and irritated times, peace times. I just miss you today (as u are in the conference) and look forward to spent many great years with you. I also ponder today if we have become perfect (or almost perfect) for each other, do we always work as a unit! Well, if not, surely one day we will.
I also think of my mother n father today, and I ponder how well machine they had been. I remember Papa going for his business trips to so many cities in India, and from Mumbai, especially he used to bring us gifts. I still remember the innumerous packets of pencils, scented rubbers, notebooks, sharpners etc. he used to get us from Mumbai and Mummy keeping them in the trunk of the bed. She made sure we got a new one only when we needed it and she used to watch if we are wasting them. These are mothers and fathers. Typically, fathers earn, bring resources to home and it is the mothers who takes care of these resources. What a perfect machine it was and still today, they make sure we understand the value of things which we have in our lives. My father, never bought new things on a spur because he already had a shirt and quite usable, so what's the point in buying a new one. 

I admire so much the together machine work of parents. It is true for all the parents. Marriage is something that grows a man & woman from inside and makes them understand togetherness, sacrifices, compromises, achieving and working for dreams as one unit. It is such a beautiful relationship. I hope to have my relationship to getting beautiful each day!



  1. Shaifali... i am sure the relationship is getting better each day and by the time you reach my stage that is when you are about to celebrate your 25th Anniv you will realise no one would have done better.
    Partnership and relationship grows amidst everything else.Trust me on this.
    Happy Anniversary and may you go living in love and togetherness ever after.:)

  2. Thanks Shivani for so beautiful words. I am really surprised to receive so soulful wish. Thanks a ton

    I wish you also lots of love for many more years to come and you celebrating the 50th together....God bless and lots of wishes.

    keep reading and keep motivating.