Jun 30, 2010

Day 67: Inner positive energy

Today has been a great day, if not an ideal one that I dream of.
My choclate and almond cake trial came out superb and I was so tempted to eat a piece or two of it!

In the evening, I had good score at the driving practice too. It all made me so positive. I am realizing my steps though baby steps are taking me somewhere forward and life is not bad afterall.
Life is ofcourse a challenge which keeps challenging but in times of stuggles if we cherish these small happy and successful moments, life will seem slow but progressing. This is what I am going to remember tomorrow (and days to follow) because the list of immediate goals and deadlines is quite big.

I need energy and positivity. I am sure it comes more from within than from outside.


  1. Very true...that energy is always inside us and we have this mrigtrishna all the time.
    Congratulations for ur short and sweet post and ur progress at the cake and the driving.Keep rolling :)

  2. Thanks a lot Shivani. Comments on posts motivate me that somebody is reading. :-)
    Keep posting your beautiful posts and keep commenting on mine.