Jun 10, 2010

Day 46: A confession!

Today, coming back to routine stuff....it is so so important. Today is a new start once again...

I have also realized once again like many other times, if I let things drag for today, I am sure I will let them drag tomorrow and day after tomorrow too....today is so important! It is the only day that is in my hands.....do not wait for tomorrow, do it today and you can be a bit sure your tomorrow will be what you want it to be today.

Like the blog thing...I was so determined and tried to keep the momentum....one day I let it go without any post.. I saw other days also like this...I am feeling bad. This was not what I wanted and this was not why I started this. I am back today for ever and from now on I am not going to miss any days (as far it is in my control).