Jun 8, 2010

Day 44: France is welcoming me with open arms!

France is beautiful, except the fact only French people live there.

Well, France is welcoming me wonderfully. This place sucks very often (I can also say I should be a better planned person to avoid the roughness of such a place).
  • No driving license: be ready to travel in public transport buses, with few/single bus(es) running on popular routes. The bus driver does not stop the bus if bus is full, so you wait for another 15-20/30-35 minutes. If you get in the bus, no place to sit even if you hold a baby in your hand. No body stands up and gives you a place. Literally felt like shouting and abusing today. But luckily or unluckily, didn't know this level of French :-)
  • Pre-schools/creches are booked almost 6-8 months ago and your child keeps on struggling with you at home. His learning and socialising skills are affected (invisibly).
  • People hardly speak English. Why the hell, India is stressing on English and not sticking to our Hindi? Well, at least with English, I can talk to the people living in South India.
  • The driving license exam is all in French. First learn French then give the exam...oh! no...then study and give practice tests in French. Get a consistent score and only then you are allowed to give the final exam.
  • Summer is very hot...well in my hometown in India too. But I never got tanned so quickly there....I wish I could post photo of my tanned back... :-)), no sun-screen is working well for me!
This all can also be seen as misplanned actions for me. I could have learnt driving in Holland in 4 years (exam is in English), could have registered for kiddie's creche/preschool 6-8 months back rather than today....could learn better French (not to abuse....well!) and communicate better with people.....(but no time, I am busy learning the driving license book in French, I give no attention to the tenses used, focus only on the message conveyed). Oh! I am missing India so much....

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